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We are a small miniature goat Stud and we first started on the  Sunshine Coast near Yandina.  25 acres property of quiet steep terrain and loads of rocks and steep treed slopes on the ridge of Mt Ninderry which glimse the ocean. Plenty of altitude and a diverse variety of greenery to browse over in an area of approx 10 acres. I have trained my goats to come when they are called from the top of the mount to me with a "Bell" and the encouragement of a bucket of " Goat Oats" as I call it - a supplement feed especially designed  for goats.      



About Miniature Goats

The Miniature Goat is a developing breed in Australia and only new at around 10 years old. Many foundation breeders have put a lot of time and effort into the breed over that time to get to where it is today.

There are four breed types identified by ear structure or ear shape. Elf - Pixie - Munchkin - Nuwby.       

I have chosen Nuwby with the pendulous ears. These goats are of Anglo Nubian Ancestory and Anglo Nubians Goats are dairy goats. So the Nuwby’s serve a dual purpose. They are prefect for a small acreage owner. They have superior temperament and reproduce as such.  I have a few  pixie and munchkin coming through my breeding program.  I prefer a smooth coat all year round but some Does have small amounts of longer coats.

All stock is individually monitored health care and ongoing vaccinations with records are kept of past kidding/birthing . I keep a number of stock for our own breeding programme and those are selectively kept on confirmation working on height reduction. All kids are registered with the MGBA to become future Nuwbys.{Interested in seeing a pedigree look at Stud Does Pixie Photograhs.} My Stud was registered with the MINIATURE GOAT BREEDERS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIAI having started with a varied gene pool from a number of different lines and I can now work more closely with the genetics to produce quality small livestock.

Kids are disbudded [ no horns/ this makes a much safer animal to work with and may not get its head caught in the fence.] Kids are wormed regularly prior to re-homing and vaccinated at 12 weeks. NLIS tagged to go home to you. They come with care instructions pack.

Miniature Goats have a calm even temperament. Make great companions even for children. Great alternative pet –cheaper than the family dog and require less attention but will thrive on lots of attention too. No need for a boarding kennel when you go on holidays. Ideal for those on small acrerage. They are easy to train. They can live 10 to 15years. The longest recorded living goat was Mc Ginty at 22+ years. If you provide a stress free healthy environment for your goats - I hope they too will live a long happy life.

You are best to provide a shelter for them to get out of the weather. They like to get on top of things so a rock, stump or the like will keep them happy. Hooves need trimming every 3 months depending on the ground they are running on. They require a regular worming and should be vaccinated once a year. Ensure to provide fresh water and access to grass with other greenery as they are graziers prefer - picking on assortment of things. 

Before purchasing your Miniature Goat I recommend that you purchase your goat from a registered breeder. Do look at a number of breeders before confirming your decision. Most importantly check with your local council if you are able to have livestock.

Be sure that you have adequate area for your miniature goats. GRAZING advised by DPI unimproved coastal pasture carpet grass blady grass 3 to 6 goats per hectare. [ 1 acre = 0.4 hectare or 4046.8 m² ] this varies between properties. Note that there are many variables that can affect the ultimate pasture performance so these figures can be used only as a basic guide for normal seasonal conditions. This calculation is for full size goats so for miniatures the number could increase the number.

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